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An Insiders Guide To Prevent Home owner scams

Donít Even Think About
Purchasing Any Home Improvements
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"A Must Read For Every Home Owner"
Dear homeowner,

Each year, consumers lose more than $130 million dollars to home improvement scams. Most often victimized? The rich, the elderly, the poor and the desperate. There are numerous cases on file of families losing their entire homes to these rip-off artists.

These schemers can look perfectly legit, even to the skeptical eye. Home improvement scams come in all forms. You can't be too careful. You could be the next victim Making the wrong decision could cost you Thousands. There are many reports of families losing there entire homes to these scammers.
How the different scams work (the three categories, you should know.

1.  Questions you should ask any contractor before signing the contract.

2.   What resources you should use to really check out prospective candidates.

3.   10 Ďtellsí to tip you off of potential trouble.

4.   Which improvements really deliver the best return on your investment.

5.   Recommended Top name brands that you might want your contractor to use in your home.

6.   What to do if you been victimized (You donít have to take it lying down!) And you shouldnít!

7.   Important little known issues about your home owners insurance in case of natural elements damage.

"Home Improvement Buyers Guide"

Is a full-bore, revelation you must read before you take your next home improvement step.

This single, easy-to-read book can save you thousands of dollars and - endless headaches and heartaches.     

Donít let your dream-come-true turn into an on-going nightmare.

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So donít wait one more minute.  The best defense against scammers is a good offense.

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